What is the Car Wash Mode on a Tesla

Definitely not a waste of time, keeps wipers off, charger door closed, car from auto locking, etc


Treat seats like normal. The door panels are more susceptible to damage than the seats. Use a highly diluted APC, or dedicated leather cleaner for them. Paint is on the softer side. Soaps that contain waxes/ceramics, or chemicals that have a high PH can stain the belt line trim around the car. Such staining can easily be removed my hand with a dab of light polish on a rag. Don’t use razor blades on the side glass, those glass panels scratch easily.

Tesla > Display Settings > Screen Clean Mode

So I do diluted APC on the wheels because I don’t find that you need wheel cleaner due to the lack of brake dust. I often don’t even brush them.

Then snow foam and let it sit for a minute.

Rinse off and wash with a soft mit and shampoo.

Then I’ll either use a spray on ceramic coat like autoglym or wax with fussocoat dark every couple of months.

Dry using micro fibre drying towels.

Clean windows with rain x.

For the interior I fully protected the car with scotchguard when I got it so not I just use turtle wax interior detailing spray to wipe everything down.

Finally, step back and admire your work, but be incredibly pissed off at the massive stone chips all over the car because Tesla paint is about as hard as syrup.

Best option for any car is always going to be a hand wash, whether that be a two bucket method alone or paired with a power washer.

Touchless car washes use harsh chemicals to compensate for the lack of touching while regular car washes will pick up dirt from previous cars and use that to scratch your paint.

So it really just comes down to you. Avoid regular car washes if at all possible.

Touchless will be fine if you’re not picky and just like a decently clean car.

If you’re particular and can invest a few bucks, another comment had it right, just get a good set of microfibers, a garden hose, a good pH neutral detergent, and a good drying towel.

Ceramic Coating Makes it Easier

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